Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

Hands on a steering wheel
One of the most common questions our service team at Cornerstone Plymouth receives is “Why is my steering wheel shaking?” Your steering wheel could be shaking for a few different reasons. However, the most common cause is simply unbalanced tires. When your car’s tires are unstable, the steering wheel will often vibrate or shake. Learn about more reasons below, so you can resume your trips through Minneapolis safer.


What Causes My Steering Wheel to Shake?

My steering wheel shakes– what are the causes? If your steering wheel shakes while you’re driving in Maple Grove, it is most likely experiencing one of the five following potential issues.

Unbalanced Tires

When your tires are unbalanced, weight distribution is also unbalanced. This instability causes the vehicle to vibrate, particularly when traveling on the highway. In this case, the shaking of your steering wheel is even more noticeable if the car has a lightweight suspension system. Failing to address this issue can result in damage to your car’s suspension components or worse.

Misaligned Wheels

Your car’s wheels also need to be properly positioned on Minnetonka roads. If you’re usually careful when crossing railroad tracks and avoid potholes, you can more easily avoid misalignment.

Bad Wheel Bearings

When the wheel bearings become damaged or aren’t properly lubricated, the resulting friction can cause your steering wheel to shake. If this is indeed the problem, the wheel won’t shake all the time, but it will when you turn. Sometimes cleaning the bearings can stop the shaking, but if there’s damage, you’ll need to bring your vehicle in for service at Cornerstone Plymouth.

Suspension Problems

A damaged or loose suspension, imbalanced driveshaft can cause steering wheel shaking. These are relatively simple fixes, so be sure to have your vehicle serviced.

Brake Problems

Does your steering wheel shake when you slow your speed? If so, the problem may be within the brake system. Warped brake rotors or damaged brake calipers, pads, discs, or shocks can be at fault. If you suspect your brakes are damaged, don’t wait — schedule a service visit to our Plymouth dealership today!

Rely On Cornerstone Plymouth for Certified Service

Now that you know about the most common reasons why your steering wheel are shaking, be sure to contact us if you still haven’t figured out the issue for your steering wheel! You can bring your car to our service center near Maple Grove and we can take a look to fix the issue. We are here to stop your steering wheel from shaking before you get back on the roads!

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