Kia Key Fob Tricks and Tips

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If you’re a Kia owner, you’re privy to some of the advanced features and impressive performance capabilities offered by this automaker, one of these innovative features being the Kie key fob. However, many Minneapolis drivers may not be aware of all of the Kia key fob tricks that can help make your daily life a little easier. Learn all of the ins and outs of Kia key fob programming with Cornerstone Plymouth!



Whenever you’re running errands around Maple Grove, it’s important to be able to lock your vehicle. Luckily for you, the lock button on your Kia key fob has multiple functions: 

  • Press this button once to lock all the doors.
  • Press this button twice within two seconds to set the vehicle’s alarm system, confirmed by the sound of the horn.


Similar to the lock feature, being able to unlock your Kia is just as critical. Thanks to the following functions, you can look forward to smoothly exiting your vehicle: 

  • Press the “unlock” button once to quickly unlock the driver’s door.
  • Press the “unlock” button twice within two seconds to unlock all the doors for passengers and to load cargo.


No matter which Kia model you select, it’s designed to maximize cargo space. When you’re running errands around Minnetonka, you can easily access your trunk with these operations: 

  • For vehicles with a manual trunk or liftgate, hold the trunk/liftgate button for more than one second. This unlocks the trunk and allows you to manually open the trunk or liftgate. 
  • For vehicles with a power trunk or liftgate, press and hold the button, and it will automatically open the trunk or liftgate for easy cargo space access. Press it again if you want to stop the trunk or liftgate.

Panic Alarm

If you ever find yourself needing assistance, the panic alarm is just one of the many safety features offered by Kia. The Kia key fob panic alarm is loud enough to alert those nearby whenever you need help: 

  • Press and hold the “panic” button for a half-second or more to set off the panic alarm.
  • Press and hold the button again to reset the alarm to the off setting.

Hands-Free Lock/Unlock

If you’re always in a rush, Kia is here to lend a helping hand. The automaker provides a ‘hidden’ key fob feature so when your Kia key fob is in close proximity to your door, all you need to do is put your thumb on the handle to unlock the door. 

Low Key Fob Battery

Depending on how long you’ve had your vehicle, your Kia key fob battery may need to be replaced. Luckily, you have the option of using the mechanical key that’s tucked inside of the key fob itself, or you can get a replacement:

  • If you’re starting your car and notice that your key fob is running out of juice, hold the key fob up to the remote start button. Push the start button with the key fob to fire up the engine. 
  • Should your Kia key fob lose power completely, you can easily access the mechanical key. Want to know how to open your Kia key fob to get to the mechanical key? All you have to do is press the button on the back of your key fob. 
  • If you find yourself needing a Kia key fob battery replacement, stop by our service center today.

Get Your Key Fob Questions Answered at Cornerstone Plymouth

If you have any more questions such as, “do Kia keys have chips?” or you need a new Kia key fob battery, reach out to Cornerstone Plymouth today! Our expert Kia sales staff can walk you through the ins and out of Kia key fob programming as well as help you find a Kia key fob battery replacement.


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