How to Program a Ford Key Fob

A person using their programmed Ford key fob to unlock their vehicle.

Whether you’re a Ford veteran or a new Ford owner, taking your new or used car home for the first time is an exciting experience. Figuring out how to program your Ford key fob shouldn’t dampen your spirits! Our team at Cornerstone Plymouth has created a guide to help you program your Ford key fob so you can start enjoying your new vehicle. Most Ford vehicles come with a remote key fob, making it easier than ever to access your vehicle. Follow our five-step process below, and you’ll have your Ford key fob programmed and ready to hit the streets of Minneapolis in no time!

Step-by-Step Ford Key Fob Programming Instructions

Key fob programming doesn’t need to be a source of frustration. With our easy-to-follow guide and our service center a call away, you can stop asking yourself how to program Ford key fobs, and start enjoying your new Ford car! Whether you need one key fob programmed or multiple, our guide will help Maple Grove drivers get on the road in no time. See below for our five-step Ford key fob programming guide:

  1. With all your car doors closed, hit the Unlock button on the driver’s side door.
  2. Turn the ignition from Off to On eight times, at ten-second intervals. On the eighth time, make sure it ends on RUN. When you’ve entered programming mode, the doors will lock and unlock. (Note: If the doors don’t cycle, turn the key faster. Your car may not have keyless entry if you still can’t get the doors locks to cycle.)
  3. Press any button on your Ford key fob and hold it for eight seconds. The car locks will cycle again.
  4. If you have multiple key fobs, repeat step three for each one.
  5.  Finally, turn the ignition to OFF. The locks will again cycle to confirm programming is complete.

Learn More About Ford Key Fob Programming at Cornerstone Plymouth!

For any further questions on how to program a Ford key fob, contact us to speak with a member of our staff in Plymouth. Minnetonka drivers can schedule an appointment with our service department if issues with Ford key fob programming persist. We’re conveniently located near Brooklyn Park, and you can feel free to consult our knowledgeable staff at Cornerstone Plymouth in Plymouth for all your Ford needs!

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