Does Car Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver?

Car keys and a credit card on top of a signed car insurance policy

Have you just purchased a vehicle? For many drivers, the topic of car Insurance can be quite confusing. Because insurance is not always straightforward, it can leave many Minneapolis drivers asking questions, such as:

  • What does full car insurance cover?
  • What type of coverage is needed?
  • Is my child covered under my car insurance?
  • Is insurance expensive for my young child?
  • Will I need full coverage if I finance a used car?

If you have questions about car insurance, do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Cornerstone Plymouth. We would be glad to explain your coverage options in more detail, so you have a better understanding of your current insurance policy.

Who Does Car Insurance Cover?

Does car insurance cover the car or the driver? There are a couple of factors that can determine this answer. This biggest factor the type of insurance coverage that you have. There are types that cover the driver, and others that cover the car. Keep the following information in mind:

  • Comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance may cover the car and drivers who are not on the policy.
  • Liability may cover the driver and provide coverage when the insured person is driving someone else’s vehicle, like a rental car, dealership rental car, or a friend’s car.

Why do you see liability insurance in both categories? This is because insurance policies sometimes cover the same situation, so one policy is often considered the primary coverage. Once that policy takes care of everything until its limit, the secondary coverage could possibly take care of the rest, or at least cover a portion of it.

Comprehensive vs. Liability

What does full car insurance cover? While there is no such thing as “full car insurance,” you can be fully covered if you have comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance. What sets them apart from each other? Cornerstone Plymouth has the details for Maple Grove drivers.

Comprehensive and collision auto insurance will cover the insured vehicle. It will take care of damages that occur to the insured vehicle if there was an accident or the vehicle was vandalized. Liability insurance coverage on the auto policy covers the driver no matter whose vehicle is being driven, as long as the vehicle is eligible.

Turn to Cornerstone Plymouth for Additional Insurance Information

If you have additional questions about car insurance, the team at Cornerstone Plymouth would be glad to help. Contact us today for more information. Wondering if insurance cover stolen cars if the keys are left inside? Learn more here.

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