Common Brake Problems

June 21st, 2018 by

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Cars can take you places in the Maple Grove area, but they will eventually break down from time to time whether there is an issue with the tires or the brakes. However, being aware of common issues can come in handy for those times. Our service team at Cornerstone Plymouth is ready to tell you about some brake problems that you should know as well as the signs of them below, so you can avoid anything from high future repair costs to serious accidents!

Common Signs of Brake Problems

While brake problems are inevitable, there are plenty of signs that can alert you before they go unnoticed for too long. Below are some signs of brake problems that you should keep in mind as you continue driving on the Minneapolis roads.

Odd Braking Noises

Notice grinding, squealing, or screeching noises when you press down the brake pedal? That’s an indication of metal-on-metal contact, so your brake pads and shoes probably need to be inspected.

Vibration and Pulsation

You might feel vibration or pulsation through the brake pedal or steering wheel. This is another sign of metal-on-metal contact. Only this time, it’s usually caused by warped rotors. Again, get the system inspected as soon as possible.

Unpleasant Smells

Pungent burning smells usually mean that your brakes are worn down or that you’re low on brake fluid. You might also notice a sharp chemical odor after frequent hard braking on steep roads.

Active Brake Warning Light

Warning lights are easy to ignore, but you should always take them seriously. Consider the brake warning light your first line of defense against high repair costs in the future!

Leaking Fluid

Fluid can leak from the master cylinder or another area within the brake system. Since it creates the power for your brakes, any leaks are a serious problem. If you notice fluid puddling under your car, take it in for an inspection.

Soft Pedal

Several issues, including air or moisture in the system and master cylinder problems, can result in a softer feel to your braking pedal. It may be spongy or need to be pushed down further than normal.

Pulling to Left or Right

When your brake calipers aren’t applying equal pressure during braking, your vehicle can pull to one side.

Solutions to Common Brake Problems at Cornerstone Plymouth

If you suspect that your car has any of these brake problems, we highly suggest that you stop by our Plymouth location, so our service experts can take a look for you. We also have OEM parts available, so if you need to replace your brake or a pedal, we can do that for you as well! Make sure to take advantage of our service specials or even consider enrolling in our You+ service plan to save on service visits at Cornerstone Plymouth.

Take Care of Your Brakes With Help from Cornerstone Plymouth

As a driver, it isn’t your responsibility to diagnose exactly what’s wrong with your brakes, but you do need to schedule a service appointment if you notice any of the warning signs as you hit the brakes across Minnetonka. Learn more about car maintenance with Cornerstone Plymouth, including the differences between wheel balancing and wheel alignment!

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